Thursday, March 9, 2017

"I shouldn't really say this, but Vietnam was fun... it was a fun time..........

 Nam Speak
Watch out for the 'reenactor' pictures inserted.  Bad idea.

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I have the book and quite good.

..............We would go to the gun range, shoot M-60s out of helicopter doors and twin machine guns off the front of swift boats, smoke great opium and could get a cold beer. It was dangerous when you got fucking hit, you shat yourself and pissed yourself, but the rewards were quite reasonable. In terms of a place to have a war, Vietnam was a great place. If you look at Iraq, it's awful. Afghanistan is a beautiful place but what a horrible place to fight a war. Vietnam had good food and beautiful woman, [in Iraq or Afghanistan] you can't see the women or get a beer. Bosnia was worse... Unpronounceable people in unpronounceable places; freezing cold in the winter, hot as fuck in the summer and shit food."

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