Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Next Wave of Immigration

Via Joe
 Danie Theron, Dutch Boer War Memorial. These people don't give up easily.

I sincerely hope someone in the Trump administration who is working on immigration policy is preparing for what could quickly become the next wave of immigrants fleeing oppression. This time however they won't be coming Latin America or the Middle East and they won't be brown or black. And they won't be coming here looking to become welfare parasites.

What they will be is industrious, hard working and prosperous (at least for now) South African whites who may soon be faced with the outright theft of their property and lively hoods by the ruling communist party, the ANC.


  1. And you know that people who emigrate from Africa and become Americans are then referred to as African-Americans, yea verily even white South Africans. Otherwise, everyone born here is a native American. --Ron W

    1. As my half Injun' friend T stated, "nobody says Native American on the reservations, simply Indian.

  2. No problem being proud of your heritage, but all these racial, ethnic, national,etc.designations by the government are just the old "divide and conquer" game. It's NONE of the government's business except maybe a few legal aspects like natural born (native) American, naturalized citizen and legal immigrant. --Ron W