Monday, July 17, 2017

Julian Assange Associate: I Have Not Been Contacted by Investigators – I Could Tell Them These were Leaks Not Hacks

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Photo published for US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims

Craig Murray @CraigMurrayOrg
The most qualified cyber surveillance professionals on the planet conclude DNC not hacked.  Google William Binney.

Earlier this month Craig Murray wrote about the Russian conspiracy that has taken the liberal US media by storm.

Murray says the Russian hack investigators have not contacted him. Murray claims he could tell them the documents were leaked and not hacked.
There is a very plain pattern here of agencies promoting the notion of a fake “Russian crime”, while failing to take the most basic and obvious initial steps if they were really investigating its existence. I might add to that, there has been no contact with me at all by those supposedly investigating. I could tell them these were leaks not hacks. Wikileaks. The clue is in the name.

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