Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Germany On Edge Panic as ‘suitcase bomb’ fails to explode near government migrant office – as police hunt 'Arab-looking' man and woman who ‘planted device’

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Police are hunting two ‘Arab looking’ suspects who reportedly planted a ‘BOMB’ which failed to explode near a Government office for migrants and refugees in the German town Zirndorf in northern Bavaria, near the city of Nuremberg.

The device, which was a suitcase filled with aerosol cans, was reportedly ‘planted by a man and a woman’ as Germany remains on edge after a series of horrifying terror attacks.

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  1. Finest army in the world could have dealt with this fed gov
    sponsored trash called ISIS:

    How far down we've come.

    1. How far down we've come.

      Really and thanks.