Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Migrant Molester: “I Hate Sweden, I’m Just Here to F**k Swedish Girls”

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 Migrant Molester: "I Hate Sweden, I'm Just Here to F**k Swedish Girls"

Suspect follows girls outside nightclub, spits in their face, urinates on the street.

A migrant who sexually molested five young women in the Swedish town of Vimmerby on Sunday night told his victims, “I hate Sweden, I’m just here to f**k Swedish girls.”

A 20-year-old woman, who herself had been sexually assaulted by a migrant in a nightclub moments before when he pressed his genitals up against her, told the Daily Vimmerby about what she witnessed outside.

According to the woman, the migrant in his 40s who molested her in the nightclub began talking to another “foreigner” in his 20s.

This individual then followed the woman and her four friends outside before becoming aggressive and exposing himself.

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  1. Muslims doing what Muslims do. No surprise.

  2. I do not think any Muslims belong anywhere in Europe.

  3. I'd have the same attitude but would try to accomplish task with consent. Worthless muslims, we don't want them.

    1. Thanks.