Sunday, December 23, 2018

Supreme Court Intervenes In Apparent Mystery Mueller Case

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Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a contempt order in a case that likely arose from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in a Sunday night order.

Sunday’s order could mark the first time that the Supreme Court has intervened in the Mueller inquiry.

Very little is known of the case, which reached the high court on Saturday, because the matter has proceeded through the federal courts under seal, meaning strict confidentiality prevails over every detail.

The scant facts which are available about the case are these: a grand jury issued a subpoena to an unnamed company owned by a foreign government some time during the summer of 2018. That firm, referred to in court filings as “the corporation” has been fighting the subpoena in federal court since August.


  1. Pffhtt, Chief Justice Roberts is the Demoncrat final FIXER OF PROBLEMS . He will take good care of the whole sordid mess. You can bet your last dime on it.