Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trinity College Professor: “Whiteness Is Terrorism”

Via Billy

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A professor at Trinity College tweeted out that ‘whiteness is terrorism.’

Johnny Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Connecticut, is refusing to apologize for his racist tweet that said ‘whiteness is terrorism.’

Williams posted another tweet in which he claimed all white people were “invested in and collude with systemic white racism and white supremacy.”


  1. With White countries and White people being a rather small part of this planet, why is he still here?

    Y'all have a nice day.

  2. If I "tweeted" I could say blackness is terrorism and be more accurate and truthful.

  3. Some muslim black probably which means terrorism all the way.

  4. Hi Brock,
    "FINE!!!!!!" Let it BE!!! we just passed the 244th anniv. of "Lexington- Concord Bridge!!!" I will re-instate the words of Capt. Parker here!! You know them, I know them and these idiots that don't deserve what they are going to get!!!!!!!
    "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!"

  5. As with homosexuality, it's typically justified to not only be tolerated, but to be met with mandated approval, because "I was born that way". But according to this supposed learned one, being born white is quite the opposite. Whatta contradiction!! --Ron W

    1. being born white is quite the opposite. Whatta contradiction!

      Excellent point.