Saturday, November 3, 2018

Update: ARVN Soldiers

Via Lâm Sumo

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Hope he made it. :( 


Found the photographer and the location (Kontum) but no other information on the two soldiers sad to say.

Photography Gia Nguyen Ngoc Hanh

Field reporter, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Ngoc HanhBorn in 1927 in Ha Dong, joined the Vietnam Air Force in 1950. Hanh graduated from the French Photographic School in Toulouse in 1956 and became a professional photographer.

In 1957, he founded the Vietnam Army Photographic Society. In 1961, he became a field officer of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam. He was selected as an Honorary Member of the International Photographic Society in 1971. During his time as a field reporter, he was awarded several noble awards for photography in various countries.

After the fall of the South in 1975, Nguyen Ngoc Hanh was sent to communist jail as many other comrades. In 1983, the Committee of German Advocates Amnesty intervened for him to be freed with 63 signatures from various countries. He crossed the border several times and came to the United States in 1989.

Hanh founded the Vietnam Photographers' Association in San Jose in 1990. He later became a Vietnamese Photography Society in Northern California in 2000. After nearly 20 years in the United States, Hanh has trained hundreds of photographers. professional. Many of his students have been accepted as honorary members of the Royal Photographic Society of England and the Professional Photographic Society of America.

He has been a member of various photography societies in many different countries. In the life of photography, Hanh has received 92 gold medals, 110 silver medals and a variety of awards for his photography career. Hanh is still teaching photography, continue training professional photographers for a beautiful life. Mr. Hạnh can be contacted at 408-239-9488 408-239-9488 or 408-287-3249 408-287-3249.Some pictures way to people - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh you - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh to protect the homeland - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh leaf - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh Chau - Photo by Nguyen Ngoc Hanh - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanhchimtroi11-24-2009, 08:55 PM on the bay - Photo Nguyen Ngoc Hanh


  1. Words cannot describe. Honor, Duty, Country.

    1. Indeed, my military school had Duty, Honor Truth. I believe there is a unit patch but can't make it out. Can you? The photographer has many wonderful pictures and I'll post them when I check them all out.

  2. I see the patch but cannot make out the wording. Will be looking forward to seeing the other pics. "There is no greater service than to lay down your life for your fellow man."

    1. Thank you and I just asked Oleg Volk if he could blow it up. He has generously helped me many tines in the past.

  3. Did the CPR recipient survive or not? I guess we will never
    know but at least somebody cared enough to try.

  4. Pham Van Chap, a solidly built 52 year-old

    Thanks and he would have been a 7 year old boy in 1973. Here's another on the subject.