Saturday, November 3, 2018

PATCON XV Raffle: $1K in $50 Gift Cards from Widener's donated by NCPATCON

May be divided equally between the spring and fall PATCON's. There will be a vote by the attendees at the spring one as to whether or not there be individual draws for each $50 card or one for $500/$1,000.


  1. Hey Brock a buddy of mine sent me this in an e-mail this morning. It is about the Honor Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. They evidently received 4 new pistols from Sig Saur. This is a GREAT Story. I copied the link from the page here:

    I hope that it works or that you can find the link. These are some VERY NICE GUNS. Cheers

  2. Here is a better link:

  3. Dang Brock here is another interesting story. This one I can't say for certain about. Suggest testing it first. Wasn't sure where else to put it.