Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ao Dai - Nothing has changed!:)

The Communists blathering about why they brought back the Ao Dai after banning it is hilarious. You Collectivists evidently don't know how silly you sound.


Memories Of The Republic Of South Vietnam

Ao Dai - Nothing has changed!:)


  1. How can there STILL be no comments on this thread?

    /dirty old man...

    PS: HAd to edit before posting -- WV == "prettitti"...

    Umm.... YEah!


  2. That's a damn good question. I think they are the prettiest dresses in the world and one of my favorite occupations........

    .........How well I remember the many drinks in the open air while viewing girls in Ao Dais passing by. This is the Continental Hotel of Graham Greene and The Quiet American. The area in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral was John F. Kennedy Square until the communists took over. BT)

  3. Hi Brock,
    'Never got "In Country." 'Was always off the coast by Da Nang on the "Sweet Pea" USS Princeton LPH-5 but close enough to the shore where the screws were always churnin' up the bottom!! ('Know what I mean??) Anyway, some years later, workin' for ScurveyIrvin in Downtown Santa Ana CA. we had a lot of Gorgeous Viet Nam ladies workin' with us!!(Post Viet Nam War) Sweethearts all of em'!! There's lots of Military Ejection seat 'Chutes we made that those ladies sewed together that saved a lot of American Military Aviator pilot's lives when they had to pull that yellow handle!! ..Those were the daze!! God how I remember those smiles!!
    Blue skies buddy,
    PS We had a Christmas party one year for the entire company, many of the Viet Namese ladies wore their "Ao Dia's" ....OMG!!!!

  4. I don't remember a single, not one, of those ladies that had such big tits....