Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GOA Action Alert: Congressman Paul Broun Takes the Lead in Opposing Gun Control


The Stockman-Broun letter to invoke the Hastert Rule on gun control continues to gain momentum.
The "Hastert Rule" provides that no bill will be brought to the House floor if it is opposed by a majority of the Republicans in the House – a number which is now 117 members.

It has been violated three times this year.  But, in all three cases, the violatees wanted to be violated.
If 117 GOP House members sign a letter insisting that the Hastert Rule apply to gun control bills, it will apply to gun control bills. Game, Set, Match.

So the letter being circulated by Congressmen Steve Stockman and Paul Broun may determine whether Barack Obama's gun control package is considered and passed in the House – or not.

This is particularly clear because House Speaker John Boehner has publicly stated that the House will "consider" any of Obama's gun control passed by the Democratic Senate.

The Stockman-Broun letter is picking up momentum.

But is does not yet have the signatures of Georgia Congressmen Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston or the other Georgia Republicans.

ACTION:  Contact your congressmen and urge them to sign the Stockman-Broun letter.
P.S. Please also call Congressman Broun at (202) 225-4101 and thank him for sponsoring the Stockman-Broun letter invoking the Hastert Rule with respect to Obama’s gun control
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  1. This should be signed by all congress.On both sides.They swore a oath.

    1. Agreed, but oath? What oath? Isn't that antiquated.......:)

  2. I was actually shocked when I sent this to my anti-gun Congressman... Bruce Braley.

    The GOA email was thanking him for sponsoring the Stockman-Broun letter.

    Has to be something wrong with that. He has never voted contrary to his party. He has never voted for gun rights.

  3. Thank you for using Gun Owners of America Mail System.

    Message sent to the following recipients:
    Representative Braley
    Message text follows:

    Thank you for sponsoring the Stockman-Broun letter invoking the Hastert Rule with respect to Obama's gun control.

    Keep up the good work.


    Me, of course :)