Wednesday, May 20, 2015

$NAACP$ watching for discrimination during bikefest

Via comment by Anonymous on Ferguson Rent-A-Mobs: Protestors paid $5K monthly...

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Thursday the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) announced year seven of Operation Bike Week Justice in Myrtle Beach. The organization will be monitoring during the weekend of Atlantic Beach Bike Bikefest to see if black bikers are treated the same as white bikers who were just in the Grand Strand for the Harley Davidson Bike Rally.

"When they come to Myrtle Beach they should not be treated differently because of their race," said Rev. Nelson Rivers III, Vice President of Stakeholder Relations Field Operations and Membership Department for the NAACP.

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Three dead, five wounded during Black Bike Week gathering in Myrtle Beach (Warning: Violent, Graphic content)

Gee, so sorry I can't make it..............................


  1. South of Tyler off 155 in Kiloland off and on there has been events with black colleges/bikers. A few years back there was a bike (Rice burner) on each side of my car- it was an intimidation thing. I came close to rolling down both windows and shooting the gas tanks. They actually sped off I didnt have to. It's going to come to that. They had no cops around for any of the events thousands attended-in light of recent events it will only be worse.
    Joe Tyler

  2. Yeh, I can see it now...

    NAACP: You're a racist because you don't like black guys beating you up and taking your money!!!

  3. Gazing upon the pic, I can see why they were born to be slaves.
    The police hopefully will not hold back when the "bikers" violent
    tactics begin. I know a lot of the businesses want close down for
    the event but I recall, a few yrs. back when they did, the businesses
    were charged with discrimination and forced to stay open.
    Your business, you can do what you want.

    1. Your business, you can do what you want.

      You sure as hell should. Any establishment that doesn't want my business for whatever reason is fine with me as I'll just go elsewhere and not miss a heartbeat.

    My heart goes out to the little boy, burnt to a crisp in his bed. Only a savage
    would even think of such torture.