Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Bundy Affair #25 – Steven Myhre and His Fraud upon the Court

The concept that the Founders had when they wrote the Constitution expected that those in government would be honest and have the highest degree of integrity — That they were expected to be above the average person on the street.  Now, we find that the have less integrity than those on the street, though the average person would be in prison, should he do what these government employees do.

Recent events in Las Vegas have led to a completely new perspective on the misdeeds of government.  Failure to provide timely Discovery, especially that of an exculpatory evidence (proving innocence or to impeach witness testimony).

As Judge Gloria Navarro pointed out in the seven know violations, six of them were deemed “willful”, where the seventh could possibly be inadvertent.  However, in the closed session that followed the declaration of a Mistrial, there may have been as many as 20 more violations of either Brady or Giglio.  Those cases establish precedence with regard to the timely disclosure of evidence to the Defense.

Before we proceed, perhaps reviews of the timeline of primary events in this case are necessary:


  1. Hopefully, we have a judge with enough integrity, to dismiss ALL the charges with prejudice. And stop the federal prosecutors from further harassment. Here is a factoid that should terrify everyone. Federal prosecutors have a better than 90% conviction rate.


    These statistics are impossible. That is, if there is honestly involved. The fact is, if you are charged with a federal crime and do not have millions of dollars to lose on defense, then you will be found guilty. It does not matter if you were guilty or not. The average person does not have unlimited funds for their defense. Unlike the federal government with does have unlimited resources to convict you. The Bundy trial just exposes the latest excessive means used. I’m sure you all remember the “scandal” where the FBI faked DNA results. And the number of agents jailed? Zero. Or perhaps the “Fake” hair or fiber analysis, that convicted thousands. And even executed some unlucky souls.


    No, get in the governments crosshairs and you go to prison. Guilty or Not!


    1. These statistics are impossible.

      That's the first thing I thought when I read their conviction rate. Thanks.