Sunday, May 3, 2015

Valerie Jarrett in 'Regular Contact' With Baltimore Mayor

Via Billy


Don't worry, Valerie Jarrett is in "regular contact" with the mayor of Baltimore, the White House announced late Tuesday night.

"Jarrett also remained in regular contact with Mayor Rawlings Blake (Baltimore, MD) and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan," an unnamed White House spokesman told the media.

Jarrett, along with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, held a conference call on the ongoing situation in Baltimore earlier Tuesday.

"Earlier today, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett hosted a conference call with over 50 local leaders from across the country including Mayors Michael Nutter (Philadelphia, PA), Tom Barrett (Milwaukee, WI), Karen Freeman-Wilson (Gary, IN), and Chairman John Eaves (Fulton County, GA)," said the White House.


  1. Sometimes late at night I wonder how the government determines who gets secret service protection is it just the president?

    1. They should have qualifications for such, but who knows these days.