Sunday, July 8, 2012

Think Globally, Act Locally

(No, I've not suddenly gone over to the eco-friendly, not-showering-for-weeks-at-a-time, dirty-smelly-hippie, Left. I do however, think the admonishment to think globally, act locally, is one that many, if not most Liberty Movement believers need to focus on more.--J.M.

There seems to be a growing interest in the Liberty Movement to focus on the bigger picture on a national level. This is not a bad trend, and it even makes sense on some levels. It was not your local chief of police who "walked" guns to Laz Zetas and other Mexican cartels. It is not your local mayor who wants to ship your kids off to die in the Iranian desert for no apparent reason.

At the same time however, as has been discussed ad nauseum within the blogosphere, it is your local neighbor who borrowed your lawn mower last week, who's going to turn you in to the regime for stockpiling food storage. It's your local sheriff's department SWAT team that will be kicking your door in to serve a no-knock drug enforcement warrant. It's your local tax-collector who ends up responsible for assessing your property values at a level you cannot afford to pay. It's your local traffic enforcement officer who orders a plate carrier on E-Bay, wears multi-cams and carries PVS-14s and a select-fire M4, and suddenly thinks he's a SFOD-D assaulter instead of a sworn peace officer who will stomp the family dog to death and shove a Remington 870 in the face of a skinny teenager during a traffic stop.

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