Sunday, October 27, 2013

50th Class Reunion Greenbrier Military School

The Three Amigos 

Top picture left to right: Townsend Connelly and Poindexter

 Bottom picture: left to right: Townsend, Poindexter and  Connelly.
 I do remember the blinding sun! :) 

50 years.  Where did they go?


Just like going home to Grandma. The best of Southern service and food.
Afterwards, sit in front of the fire.

Off to the cocktail party, but wind and rain gave us a brief respite.

Colonel Turley, our Bible teacher and football coach, was instrumental in preserving this graveyard. 

We added two and the flag.

 95 unknown Confederate soldiers buried in the shape of a cross.

The "Bionic Man" who took over my squad when I was promoted to Battalion Adjutant.

One more retreat of many.

Our bugler still fits into his uniform! 

He is visible in the distance and performed an absolutely perfect rendering of Taps.

The brick for SGT Glenn Richard Brewster KIA VN
 He was the only one of our class KIA in Vietnam which is extraordinary.

Glen joins the many other graduates KIA in past wars. 

  The cannon have the followed etched into the area surrounding the muzzles. "Revere Copper, No 201 and 202?, 1,223 lbs., T.J.R. and 1863." 

 Daddy and Dixie with her "Baby Tiger" at our 40th. :)

Part of our museum.

Beaman was the CO of A Company and retired from the Army as a Full Bird.

Herb graduated in '56, came back to teach in '60 and has been in Lewisburg ever since.  
"Mr. Greenbrier."

.357 at the ready, Sir! :)

 Dixie at our 40th.

The gentleman on the far left and the lady on the far right won our yearly scholarships.

 Dixie made her dress from a bathrobe!

Don't go anywhere near Lewisburg without staying. Tons of Confederate items.

The front desk is hand built of walnut and pine, dating to 1760. Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson stood at this desk when they registered at the Sweet Chalybeate Springs Hotel, one of the many mineral springs resorts in the area visited by antebellum aristocrats of the South.

Another reunion is over, sad to say.

Dixie after our 40th reunion on the steps of the General Lewis as above.

I detect sadness here also.  Dixie says she loves to talk to my old friends which is most pleasing.

 Dixie after our 40th reunion in approximately the same spot as above.  I wish they wouldn't grow up. :(


 Final Dress Parade

Pass In Review!

Me aligning the battalion was easier said than done.


Mother's hand.

Left to right: Ellen, Anne, Unknown and Mother. :)


  1. Great photos Brock, and congratulations.

  2. Seems like everyone had a memorable time! It's amazing the big difference a short span of only 10 years can make....

    1. It's amazing the big difference a short span of only 10 years can make....

      Indeed and sad to say. :)

  3. Brock

    Yours is an honorable heritage!!

    You are blessed Sir!

    Dan Boyette

  4. Very, very nice Brock. Thank you for sharing that part of your life with us.
    Miss Violet

  5. It looks like a very nice celebration. However, it's apparent from Dixie's dress that she won't be needing me to create her wedding gown, which I've been anticipating for all these years. Beautiful job.........beautiful girl!
    Terry says he admires you for going to your reunion, as he's never been to even one of his own. He said there are only three from his class to never KIA in Vietnam, one serving a life sentence.........and him. The president of his reunion committee phoned him, asking what it would take to get him to attend...his reply was "$2500 for me and the band to play it". The prez said they might be able to do that, (to which T thought "shucks, now I MIGHT have to attend one"), however, we've seen no "green" to date. Guess he'll be absent from another reunion.
    Thanks for sharing such a special day in your life!

    1. "$2500 for me and the band to play it".

      Good man! :)