Monday, June 23, 2014

Overheard recently at a gun show

Via Jeffery

"The best part? These idiots think we're gonna sit in our houses trembling, waiting for them. Or that we are going to line up on the village green for them to kill us all. They have no idea whatsoever that the smart boys and girls know exactly who created these little banana republic militaries in every village, town, and city. It's going to be epic."

An American


  1. The observation made by Sgt Murphy (Bet you didn't know that Murphy was an NCO once upon a time) will go ignored by the gun grabbers. If they think the public will just surrender their firearms on their say-so....well..."No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy". Just look at the tax payer supplied weapons that were abandoned in Iraq! Sure bet it will happen here, along with the weapons (and other stuff) that will get stolen, murdered for, sold, traded, "misplaced" or "lost" (as in, gee I have no idea or recall as to what happened to that weapon, none at all)