Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clips

From Jerry via MCTHAG


If you are putting on a brake, learn by my mistakes below. 

 1. Buy this (When I said competition, I was confusing this brake with with my $90 Saiga 12 brake which you sure as hell need if you have a TAPCO stock on it!) 

2. Buy two of the bolts below. I would buy four in case you mess up one or more. The two larger ones on the left are the case hardened ones you will receive. The two small ones on the right are the bolts that come with the brake and which sheared off when Mike went to the range. They are inexpensive. I bought three different sizes as I wasn't sure which might work the best. You won't have to cut them shorter, but you will have to hand file the outside edge of the bolts, so they will go in flush. I used Prime Lok 245 Blue threadlock on mine. As I mentioned, Mike said the brake worked well 

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