Saturday, November 24, 2012

America’s Top Crooked Cop Keeps Job for Another Year



What makes the head of a crime family happier than a witch in a broom factory?  Finding out that he will be keeping his job another 4 years and knowing that virtually no one can touch him.  His chief enforcer is also happy as he is keeping his job, at least for another four years.

In 1789, Edmund Jennings Randolph became the first US Attorney General under President George Washington.  Randolph, an attorney had previously served as Governor of Virginia before accepting the position as the top legal advisor for the newly formed nation where he would represent the US government in cases before the Supreme Court.

Since Randolph’s time, the role of US Attorney General has expanded to head the Department of Justice, created in 1870, where he/she is considered to be the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the US government.  As such, the US Attorney General is expected to be the archetype law abiding citizen in the nation.

Today’s US Attorney General, Eric Holder has proven to be anything but the archetype model law abiding citizen.  In fact, it seems more like the chief enforcer for the nation’s top crime boss, Barack Obama.  Together, the two of them have repeatedly broken one law after another along with committing multiple violations of the US Constitution.  Since Holder is the top cop and prosecutor in the country, he’s virtually untouchable.

Yes, the US House of Representatives can impeach Holder, but that would leave the actual conviction up to the Democratic controlled Senate, which we all know won’t happen.

Several of Obama’s Cabinet leaders have informed him that they will be resigning soon.  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta are among those that are jumping ship.  It seems that Obama has tried to keep Holder in place, but there are rumors that he will only stay for another year.

While that is good news in some ways, one can only wonder who the next top crooked cop will be.  Within the halls of Capital Hill, names such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have been floating around as a possible replacement for Holder.  From a conservative point of view, that would be like replacing one liberal lawbreaker with another.  A few other names have wafted on the winds of rumor which include Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Gov. Deval Patrick of MA.

I honestly believe that Napolitano could be worse than Holder.  As for the other three, I don’t think any of them could be much worse than Holder, and perhaps could even be better, but I won’t hold my breath.  I’ll just be glad if and when Holder is gone.


  1. What I have heard through the grapevine sounded too good, and too preposterous to believe. Just recently, on the 12th, Ben Fulford, the Canadian ex-pat insider scoop artist living in Japan put on his blog this astounding news: Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder have all been FIRED!! Knowing how what passes for government in Washington is a criminal cabal, who would believe such outrageous claims?

    Well, today I went back to Jeannie Haines' blog for the very last time. She has essentially pulled the plug on that work. And it's a damned good thing I did, otherwise, I wouldn't have known that it was on her blog, that Neil Keenan posted a confirmation of the firings, which were done quietly, and NOT reported at all in US mainstream media. Foreign media has reported on it, but as far as Americans go, very few even know about it. Nothing was said, so that they could exit quietly and no one would be the wiser.

    Here's a quote I lifted from what she posted the 22nd:

    "Also, as a way of wrapping things up, let me say that when I awakened this morning, I was surprised to see that Neil Keenan had posted an interesting comment on my blog in response to Ben Fulford’s statement on November 12th that Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder were fired. Neil has been very quiet lately; maybe his silence is an instance of those who don’t talk – know. Let me share his comment here with you:

    'I am on the other side of the world right now and have heard from various governmental Ministers that yes they were fired and in the very near future will be given a chance to resign so that the many so gracious people will never understand what exactly happened. Without hearing what I do I would be confused as well but then again I do not live in the US at this time and the rest of the world hears much of what it is we should hear. It is our media and those around the government that conceals everything from us. Remember you are in a fiefdom.

    All the best and the weather is hot and fantastic and ancient civilizations are being wiped out over here by Kissinger and his boys. What is being said by Jeanie is exactly what is being said by the Holy Elders throughout Asia and why Obama has visited them first. It just might be fact that they are on the same page.'


    I don't enjoy being lied to. We are being lied to every single day. Do they even know themselves what the truth is, separated from all the spin and obfuscation nee deception to keep us all disturbingly ignorant? It's when they suddenly realize they've been lying so frequently that no one remembers what's true, that the whole ball of wax is going to melt down in the blow-back coming from the American people when they get hold of the truth. And this I think is something that the alternative media ought to be taking viral to all corners. The emperor isn't wearing any clothes, and he's bankrupt in the worst way- MORALLY.

    Now the question becomes, what about Obama? Now that we know what happened, we should also be able to surmise that these high profile firings from his cabinet can only have been done by The One. This casts a different light on what he's doing, and may force a change of mind about what we are sure heretofore, are marxo-fascist intents for our country. The jury continues deliberation.

    Could it be possible that he's done this in a very discreet way so as to not make any tsunamis, and for now will let us believe some superficial, and untrue, reasons for these distinguished departures? Is this a move in preparation to lower the boom on the NWO Cabal, or is it one faction of that evil force moving to consolidate power into the hands of a few trusted operatives? It's going to be interesting to watch, and at the same time, provides us with an opportunity to make our voices heard, that we know what's going on and that we have a vested interest as well as an unalienable right to be counted, in the changes we see taking place in the country we all hold dear.

    1. It is our media and those around the government that conceals everything from us. Remember you are in a fiefdom.

      Thanks for the informative post and we shall see.