Monday, February 23, 2015

M249 SAW 800 round backpack feed


  1. I would giggle like a little girl the entire time I was shooting.

    1. As long as you didn't have to pay for the ammo. :)

    2. Roger that! I can only sigh at the amount of ammo wasted with that demonstration! Barrel has got to be one very hot piece of metal after that.

    3. Yes, I was expecting to see it smoking.

  2. Replies
    1. Info from Before Its News:


      Assigned an M249 at Lejeune. Sorry, but it is NOT a fun thing to constantly clean if dusty, it jams too much, too many parts to keep up with every time you DO have to clean it, and FAR TOO TEMPERAMENTAL once you start getting carbon build-up on your gas selector dial (you know, that thing that is supposed to stay on ‘low’ for 700-rounds-per-minute, or ’1100-rounds-per-minute’ if you dial it up, which you really aren’t instructed to do unless in combat, or carbon build up demands you do it to keep cycling – when in reality, everyone turns it to ‘rock-and-roll’ and forgets it).

      Yeah, not the best weapon in the woodpile for combat – let alone risking cook-off firing out 800 consecutive rounds for the insane cost of $200 (that could have went towards 1/6th of an M1A rifle payment).

      If you want to rock, get an M60E3 and fire at will with 30-cal ‘real stoppers’. If you want to scare enemy sheep, well, my personal favorite is the MK19 with a few full-cans sitting nearby of HEDP or WP, but that is a different story…

  3. A few observations...

    Running 800 rounds non stop looks cool and makes for a big grin but it's NOT good for the barrel. That barrel now has a shorter life span than it otherwise would have.

    The backpack idea is sweet but how hard is it to reload after you are out. In some cases where supply chain isn't an issue you just grab another backpack and continue but in BumFu*k Egypt you might need to actually open it up and put rounds it user friendly that way or more trouble than it's worth.

    And yes....the M249 isn't a bad gun, but it certainly isn't the best either. And if you KNOW that all your going up against is bodies than it's adequate. Need to stop anything substantial? Than it's going to be problematic and require a LOT of rounds.
    A job better left to .30cal.

    Still it's a nice idea and certainly has potential.