Monday, December 30, 2013

NOW JAILED! Brian D. Hill

Via Mike

On 12 - 23 - 2013 Brian D. Hill former owner of USWGO Website was Arrested from his hospital bed by Department of Homeland Security. Brian was a alternative news, True world reporter  who knows Alex Jones & Stewart Rhodes among many other people fighting for Freedom in this land. Here is Brian's Story, Share this to show awareness & support for Brian.

Thanks & God Bless! Keep Brian in Your Prayers~

(Article written by Stella Burnette) Is this a well thought out plan to destroy someone who bravely comes forth exposing corruption? This is our true story. What do you think? He had many obstacles in his path but just like David versus goliath the giant, he continued to fight for American’s freedom.

He had autism and brittle diabetes but his strength of defining right from wrong made him push forward to inform other Americans what all he was learning each day. He brought out into the open important things which the rich and powerful wanted to keep hidden while they chopped away at American’s freedoms daily. We watched his constant struggles as he learned to put together professional websites self educating himself. We watched his daily battles to keep these websites up and running as someone tried to bring them down.

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