Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System

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…The key ingredient in bringing tyranny to America is a left-right coalition that will institutionalize the Surveillance State, and destroy the last remnants of the Bill of Rights. United on the need to continue America’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere, this left-right coalition is closing ranks in Congress and in the hawkish wings of both parties in defense of the Surveillance State.

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  1. While currently the left is currently in control, leaders on the right is pushing just as hard. If we want to win the first causality must be to shatter the paradigm of left, right or republican, democrat they are the same beast. I read left and right blogs and if you change republican to democrat or left to right or Bush to Obama they read the same. Do not forget it was the "extreme" right that gave us the Patriot Act. Quit looking at politicians as republican or democrat they are POLITICIANS. The only thing a politician considers is their own self interest, from the elite that gives them their orders to the business that can pay the biggest bribe. So drop the left right rhetoric. It is all about right, wrong and freedom. Democrat or republican they will both sell you as a slave for a few pieces of gold.


  2. Yup, the 1000 points of light Bushes and the new world order Clinton and Obama. And what alternative is there. A Dole and McCain or a Kerry or Clinton Pt 2. They are the same party...the party of big, collective government. It's time to kick a hole in the bottom of that boat.