Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Special Alert from KrisAnne Hall and Liberty First

Via Cousin John

Congressman Admits to Ignoring the Constitution and Blames it on You and Me”

On August 1st, I taught a class on the Constitutional remedy for controlling the federal government in Hillsdale, MI.  In the audience was Congressman Tim Walberg, who represents Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.

Mr. Walberg disagreed with the way the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, describes the duty and obligation of Congress over the budget. When I tried to discuss the matter with him he said the truth of the Constitution is not reality and Congress can vote anything into law unlimited by the Constitution.

This self-proclaimed unfettered power exercised by those bound by the Constitution is driving America into unrecoverable debt and destroying the fundamental principles that created our Constitutional Republic. The people are sick of it.

Mr. Walberg is evidence that the real problem in America rests with the persistent and unconstitutional acts of Congress.  They no longer act as servants of the people, but consider themselves unlimited masters over all.

The entire exchange between me and Congressman Walberg was captured on video and live streamed to Facebook. I have since posted it on YouTube and you can watch it by clicking on the link below.

As a member of the Liberty First Brigade you’ll be shocked by what he says and the way he says it. Please watch the video, and share it as this is the kind of video that needs to go as viral as possible so others can see exactly what goes on in the mind of Congress and what many of them (some self-proclaimed conservatives) think about you, me, and our Constitution.


  1. These politicians MUST be removed. Just the other day Sipsey Street had posted a YouTube speech by Richard Spencer titled "The Napoleon of the current year". It is the best political speech supporting a candidate that I have ever heard...and he supports DJ Trump. Listen to it and understand the fork in the road we must take in order to rid ourselves of the current flock of political misfits and perverts in government. There is not perfection in Trump but he is the leader required to plow under the current corruption.

    1. Excellent and thanks. http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-napoleon-of-current-year.html

  2. Republican.
    From his bio on the web:
    "Tim served as a pastor in Michigan and Indiana, as president of the Warren Reuther Center for Education and Community Impact, and as a division manager for Moody Bible Institute."

  3. Walberg was my Congressman when I moved back to Michigan 10 years ago. I thought he was the real deal and going to fight Obamacare, and all the other unconstitutional BS of Obama. How wrong I was. Then redistricting occurred and now I have Justin Amash as my representative in the lawless Oligarchy known as the US Congress. I stopped paying attention to Walberg, so didn't know that he jumped the shark - he does answer the question truthfully that Congress will never do the will of the People if it doesn't line up with the anti-sovereignty budget-busting Globalist agenda of the New World Order. Voting for Trump is a vote to blow it all up, figuratively speaking... at least for now.

    1. Voting for Trump is a vote to blow it all up figuratively speaking. at least for now.

      Thanks and yes, there is no sane reason not to vote for him no matter the argument.