Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Conservative victory in Alabama deepens split among Republicans, as insurgents challenge incumbent senators

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 Roy Moore’s upset victory in the Alabama Senate primary sent shock waves through the Republican establishment Wednesday, portending a GOP civil war as outsider candidates in other states threaten to challenge incumbents.

The potential showdowns are reminiscent of the tea party uprising that just a few years ago cost Republicans the majority in the Senate. Now President Trump’s populist rise to power — honed by his former advisor Stephen K. Bannon — has generated a new wave of long-shot candidates capable of upending the 2018 midterms.

In Mississippi, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who met with Bannon to consider challenging two-term incumbent Sen. Roger Wicker, called the results in Alabama “a great awakening.”

“The GOP establishment's stranglehold on American politics is finally coming to an end. It should encourage conservative challengers all across the republic,” he said. “The environment couldn't be any better.”

Arizona’s Kelli Ward, who is challenging Sen. Jeff Flake, said after Alabama she felt “inspired and motivated.”

“Voters elected President Trump to shake up the status quo and get big things accomplished,” she said.

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  1. People are upset with Washington.

    1. & shall continue to be until they finally realize that we ain't gonna' take it no more! :)

  2. in the words of hawkeye pierce "(we've) eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish...WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE"
    that's what the media and the establishment rhinos don't seem to get.
    WE THE PEOPLE are tired of "business as usual". that's what we have had, with a few breaks, both for better and for worse, since the end of WWII, and look where we are as both individuals and as a nation. you don't have to be a kershin grade psychic to see where this road is taking us. yet all the democrats, and their lap dogs in the media, and the establishment republicans offer us is more liver and more fish, with the promise that this time it will be different.
    well, WE THE PEOPLE have seen thru the smoke screen and don't want any more.