Friday, April 10, 2015

Family of Walter Scott Tell Al $harpton to Get Lost, Keep His ‘Ferguson Circus’ Away

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The family of South Carolinian Walter Scott, the man shot five times by a North Charleston cop. has told Sharpton to get lost.

According to Daily Mail:

Walter Scott’s family just don’t want Sharpton’s “circus” to descend upon them in their time of grief.
Walter Scott’s family have asked Al Sharpton not to attend the funeral, it is claimed.


  1. Color me surprised.
    Perhaps this family has some class and dignity.
    We shall see.

    They certainly have every right to be outraged.

    1. Agreed. I certainly would like to know why he ran. Strange.

  2. On the surface...and to you and I, it is a little strange that he ran.
    But if you stop and think about it, it isn't so strange.

    The cops categorize (and treat) everyone who isn't a cop as the enemy.
    That's why cops shit themselves with fear during a routine traffic stop.

    Well..two can play that game.

    Maybe Mr. Scott figured he was gonna get whacked so he may as well do whatever he can to try to live another day.

    That's how cops behave. Why the hell shouldn't we?

    I think more folks are coming to the same conclusion.

    1. He could have also been spaced out on something, which reminds me. :)

      On Leave Between Tours

  3. I viewed the video of the cop approaching the mentioned vehicle and the cop was
    as nice as he could be. There is some sort of mystery with the car. The cop asked
    for the drivers license and registration; no registration available and the cop said
    he would take the drivers license for now. My first thought was there was drugs in
    the car, hence the take-off. There was a long interval where what happened is a
    mystery also. The passenger is being hidden by some lawyer. I am standing with
    the cop for now as the body language of the cop was relaxed and unconcerned.
    I pay no attention to MSM.

    1. This is all I know now.

  4. Thanks. I had read your post when posted it. A little more info: