Friday, April 10, 2015

AF general who said protesting A-10 decision was ‘treason’ removed from post

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Maj. Gen. James N. Post III

The Air Force general who told airmen that speaking to Congress about plans to retire the A-10 Thunderbolt amounts to treason has left his command position and been reprimanded, the Air Combat Command said Friday.

The service’s inspector general found that the comments by Maj. Gen. James Post, then the ACC vice commander, had a “chilling effect” and caused airmen to feel constrained about their right to speak to lawmakers about important issues, according to the command.

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  1. The purge continues, to remove the warriors from the officer ranks, replacing them with the careerist yes-men. Meanwhile, they continue to push that failure, and money black hole of an aircraft; the F-35. The Air Force hate the idea of doing any that will be seen as helping the Army or the Marines. They are fixated on the notion that air power alone can win. As I see it; if the Air Force want to get rid of the A-10, then it must be a great bird. If it is not, military sexy, fly very fast and high, then the Air Farce in not interested in it.

    1. I'd rather they have Sjkyraiders than the F-35. :)

  2. Why does the Air Combat Command have a general in charge of vice?

    Doesn’t the Air Force have enough problems without also creating and condoning an entire separate department of SIN?

    “Vice Commander” indeed!

    1. You're using logic again, John and you must stop that, as it isn't allowed in our PC world....:)