Saturday, July 16, 2016

Overreach And The Invasion Of The Moral Conscience.

Via comment by JWMJR on Gingrich: Muslims who believe in Sharia should be ...

In my previous post I asked at what point is the public going to demand that government take action against Islamic violence. Perhaps now we need to speculate as to what may have changed within the Public's conscience that will trigger these demands.

No one is questioning the moral revulsion that we all feel when events like just happened in Nice occur. Sad as such a state of affairs is, it's sadder still that we have developed almost a sense of numbness to these events. Just so long as they occurred every 6 or 8 months we could express our horror at the event but then within a few days or weeks the numbness sets in and we go back to our daily routines and the memories of these events fade from the forefont  our everyday lives.

Yes we do think that there but for the grace of God go I, but then the funerals are over the perpetrators are caught or killed, we breath a sigh of relief and push the thought that another such event can and will occur out of our minds.

We become almost thankful that we get that needed breathing space. The scenes of the horror in France, in Florida, in Germany and elsewhere are so awful, so stressful, so emotionally draining that we come to crave the opportunity to reset ourselves and resume some sort of normality it our daily lives.

But now that appears to have changed.


  1. "Show Muslims some love" is a direct quote from mainstream media as teh appropriate response. Amazing stupidity

  2. What people could do is to run Muslims out of town. But not Pakistani Muslims that I think are different. My feeling about people from Pakistan is they are decent folk. Still the best thing would simply to make Islam illegal.

  3. White Civilization is being deliberately and systematically genocided. And America is worried about Global Warming, transgenders, women in the military and other insane nonsense.

    "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".