Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Coming Festivities

I am constantly assessing and evaluating my position/situation relative to the bleak future we face in this country.

This election of 2020 has NO GOOD OUTCOME.  If DJT wins, the enemy will continue their campaign to destroy the country, and increase their efforts.

But we normal people have no alternative, if the enemy wins, we lose everything.  E V E R Y T H I N G.  Trump with chaos, Harris with unmitigated disaster. A disaster from which we'll never recover.

The whole ideal of America is on the ledge.  We have never been in so dangerous a position.  Never.

The probability of economic collapse is real, the enemy controls Wall Street and is capable of blowing up the Markets anytime.  The probability of civil war exists, but I don't believe the sheep will actually rise against the wolves.  The mask is a surrender flag and too many have fallen for that scam.  The war, if it comes will not last long. Grinding poverty, loss of property, income, famine, and genocide ALWAYS follow a Communist take over.  ALWAYS.

If you don't yet kabish, you are in the opening phase of a Communist revolution.  Antifa, BLM, RevCom and all the rest are Communist organizations.

OK, all that said . . . the Decision:  Mom and I are fired shots, of no use to anybody in the coming storm.  I'm not going to burden my kids with the care and feeding of useless eaters.  That said, don't take this as a suicide note.  No, God doesn't approve that play.  Instead, we'll stay put, make the best fight we can, and die in place.  By the time that happens, nobody will miss a couple more old farts on the burn pile.

I anticipate interruptions of communications, power, utilities, and services.  When the pay checks quit, so do the people.  When the USSR went toes up, everybody's pay stopped.  Overnight.  The Army just walked away, the police showed up to bum food and smokes, trains stopped, planes stopped, People sold off what they had to get food.  The USA started paying the Army to guard the nukes and weapons depots.  It was exceedingly rough and a lot of old people passed over.  This time, there's nobody to take up the slack, for us.

In the Navy, we had a call, "Rig the ship for heavy weather!"  When you heard that, you hunted up your life jacket and said your prayers.

I say now, to all of you "Rig the ship for Heavy Weather"  Vaya con Dios!



 I generally agree, Dick and I think we have a lot to worry about.    Those of us who haven't retired yet need to worry about the debt making our retirements worthless.    I hope with the right leadership we can grow our way out of the debt issue.

Moral and social decay is another.   In the face of slavery, black Americans had very strong families.    When families were broken up through bankruptcies, sales, estates, everyone knew who their relatives were, where they were and even who their owners were.   But in the name of 'compassion' (read: buying votes) Lyndon Johnson and Great Society succeeded where the KKK could never hope to.  Our families, off all races and groups, need to reset as the foundation of society.   I've said before I'm in agreement with Senior Chief over Stuart Slade's History, Politics and Current Affairs.   We needed to deal with the communists in the '50s when they were small time, preferably with treason trials, gallows and firing squads.   It's going to be much more painful now that they've embedded themselves in society.  Burn, Loot, Murder is just an anti-family commie front group.

But overall, I don't see the situation as bleak.    Darkness is coming, but it will be an opportunity, to make things right, to set us back on the proper path.  I have no doubt there will be suffering and a price to pay to do so, but a little suffering is good for the soul. Sacrifice makes us appreciate what we sacrifice for all the more.   The tree of liberty hasn't been watered in quite a while.   Maybe it needs watering to remind who we are as a people.

~~Rich H


I agree with both of you.  My kids are far away, living their own lives. I'm a distant grandpa, pretty much alone except for cousins, aunts and uncles, all of whom are my age or much older.  I've got some good neighbors in this decaying little village, a few of whom I can count on to return fire when its needed.  I've been preparing for some time, and continue to do so.  My plan, hold what I have, and if need be, sell my life dearly.  Even at 62 I know I'm better with a gun than 90% of those out there. I just have to stay low and stay smart until I need to sell.  I'm envisioning, at best, a situation here like Northern Ireland.  At worst, we break apart like the SU did, with all the misery of that. Except we will probably endure an ACW situation like Kentucky or Missouri for some years, raiders, burning out and all that.  It aint gonna be pretty any way it goes.

  I've mentioned before a book I'm reading by and by, The Peace that almost ways: The forgotten story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference  and the final attempt to avert the Civil War.  The rhetoric on both sides, the perfidy of the press and their instigation, mirror our own time. Almost exactly, so I remain hopeful, but realistically am certain this isn't ending well.

~~William M.


  1. I know you all are concerned with very serious, life and death matters.

    And I want you to know that you matter, your presence matters. Your being here with all you love matters. You are the ones watching out for us.

    I have family and friends who are of the generation of WWII and Korea vets. They are the foundation of our lives. The very foundation. Their presence is the joy and sunshine, the substance of life.

    They are the connection to the ones who went before.

    The older I become, the more I miss the ones who have gone on, and cherish the eldest ones I have.

    The oldest ones in our culture are our treasure. They give us stability, heritage, values, and undying love.

    They are the very presence of our identity.

    To anyone who thinks that being old means that you matter less, I say, the very opposite is true.

    I do not want to imagine life without the ones who grew up in America, when the elderly ones in their lives were pioneers and homesteaders.

    I want the ones who have gone on to be proud of us.

    So many focus on the young being the future. Without the presence of our heritage, the younger ones can easily lose the way.

    God bless you all, and thank you for watching out for us.

    I read the posts here, and the comments, and I thank you. I pray for you all every day.

    Miss Emma

    1. Thank you very much and I appreciate this. There was a Miss Emma who lived across the street from me when I was a child. She never married and took care of her Father.Mr. Bowen and she was a member of the UDC.

  2. Thank you for that link. I'm glad you posted about Mr. Bowen. What a dear friendship to have.

    It is, indeed, a sacred honor and a blessing to care for family.

    1. Yes, thank you and where in this country are you located? Thanks.

  3. How can I hang with you guys outside just reading your musings? PatCon aside?

    1. I don't know of any other way unless you can find locals who think alike. Of course, you are welcome to the upcoming PATCON.

  4. I agree that things look dicey but I think we can still get through this even if it lasts a few years. I like the area we are at. Good neighbors and hard working people. The closest trouble is likely 50 miles away and the most trouble is a couple of hundred miles away. The financial institutions are as risky as antifa, blm, or the commies but this country has seen it before and I think people can toughen up and find a way through.

  5. We have not yet seen our finest hour. Period. Darkness is now being exposed to the light....this is a necessary step. Fear not.

    1. Yes, Sir and "Braveness during daylight comes easier than in darkness." --B

  6. The wisdom spoken here is what American has lost and has no will to study and learn this wisdom and eventually it will all be gone and take centuries to get ot back

    1. eventually it will all be gone and take centuries to get ot back

      Let's pray that Trump wins and gives us four more years to try and straighten this out.