Saturday, April 11, 2015

Remington's Alabama plant is running, and the first gun is ...

Via Billy

Alabama's new Remington firearms plant is up and running, and the first gun to bear the Huntsville stamp is a pocket .380-cal. pistol being marketed to women as well as men.

That's the word from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville Friday where Remington proudly showed off the small semi-automatic model RM380 with "Huntsville" stamped on the right side.

The pistol, which holds six cartridges in a magazine with room for a seventh in the chamber, is apparently also being made in Charlotte, N.C., if a giant poster for the handgun is evidence. The picture shows the new handgun with "Charlotte" stamped on its side.

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  1. Looks small enough to tuck in ones pocket. That suits me to a T. You never know!

    1. They should come out with a .357 to market against the LCR .357.