Sunday, February 14, 2016

Obama has rare parliamentary window to make recess appointment to succeed Scalia

Via sauced07
I can't imagine Obama not taking advantage of this.  Wonder if the House or Senate can reverse their agreement?

There was much hubbub in late 2012 when President Obama made four recess appointments during a short recess between two pro-forma sessions of the Senate in January of that year.

The case later went to the Supreme Court and the maneuver was ruled to be unconstitutional.

The key in the 2014 Supreme Court decision regarding the president’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board over the three-day break was that the justices found the executive branch determined what it interpreted as a recess.

But Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion that under the Constitution “the Senate is in session when it says it is.”

Obama said Saturday night that he would submit an appointment to the Senate, as part of his constitutional obligation, but “in due time.”

But now we have a completely different set of parliamentary circumstances.

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  1. thinks that this alone would warrant a full scale investigation of the highest order, being that is such a 'fortunate' turn of events.

    I smell a skunk in the wood pile.

    Central Alabamaian

    1. I wouldn't trust anything the government says these days.