Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bud's and Bid Gunner is already celebrating its 500th auction and you are invited to join in the celebration!

We recently announced the launch of our friends over at As the exclusive provider of firearms for Bidgunner, we have already shipped hundreds of firearms to winning bidders and also backup bidders choosing to apply their bids to an outright purchase.

Don't believe it's possible to buy guns for pennies ?....believe it ! Check out some of the following great deals customers recently won on !

Magnum Research – Desert Eagle .50 Cal, 6”, brushed Chrome. See it here.

Core 15 MOE M4 – 5.56 x 45 (.223 cal) with 30 rd. clip. Sold Saturday May 26th!! See it here.
Glock choice – That’s right, your choice of a brand new, in-the-box Glocks for $28.00. See it here.

Federal .45 ACP – 1000 rounds, Full-metal jacket, 230 gr. For 11 cents!! See it here

Check out what just one of the winners had to say...

Where else can you get a Remington 887 NITRO MAG and a Ruger LCP for under 10 dollars? is the real deal for unreal prices on new guns SOOOIEEE!!” SigHog

Sound too good to be true? If you haven't had a chance to see how it works please watch this short video to learn more: How it Works. is a penny auction, so if you’ve not participated in penny auctions before PLEASE watch the video before bidding. There is gamesmanship and a strategy here- Bid smart, Bid wisely, Win!

Smith & Wesson 500

6.5” Barrel, Stainless, and an absolute beast!
Coming soon!

This weekend, in addition to the usual line up of great items, will be auctioning a new S&W 500, the world's most powerful handgun, to celebrate their 500th auction ! Join in the celebration and visit Go to Register Now to get your 5 free “starter” bids and start bidding today !

Just like all of the guns listed on, we will be shipping this NEW S&W 500 to one lucky winner next week !

What are you gunning for? !

Your friends at Team Buds


  1. Keep in mind that while these may be legitimate deals, lots of people lose money on every bid, too. For example, let's look at that "Glock of Choice" at $28. If you buys your bids in bulk, the best deal you get is about 65 cents per bid. As a penny auction, a final sale prince of $28 means that 2,800 bids were made, so customers paid a total of $1,820 in bids for that $525 Glock. Nice day's work for Bud's, who gets to pocket $1,295 profit. If you're the guy who won the bid, you probably dropped about 250 bids to win it, so you really paid about $190.50 ($28 plus $162.50 in bids) for a $525 pistol. Still a nice deal, but there's probably another 15 guys who dropped 150 bids a piece for that same auction. So, they spent $97.50 and got NOTHING for it. Bud's is pretty good in that they will let you buy the item at retail with a discount based on the bids you spent (so if you dropped $75 in bids, you can buy the gun for $450; the retail price, minus 50 cents per bid you cast in that auction). Keep in mind, though, that the bid discount is less than the bid price. If you dropped 150 bids, then buy off the discount, you'll end up paying $547.50 for a gun that cost $525. So, if you were going to buy the item, and were willing to pay the retail cost (or even slightly over it), go ahead bid, but understand that you will probably end up paying *more* than retail. You're paying the extra money for the fun and excitement of the bid, and that thousand-to-one chance to come out ahead.

    BTW, sometimes Bud's does come out losing. I have seen a $500 pistol sell for $4.03 (about a $230 loss for Bud's), but most guns sell for between $25 and $50 ($1,625 and $3,250 in bids), and I've seen a $399 pistol sell for $101.68, for a profit of $6,311.88 for that one pistol. It's not a scam, but make sure you know what you're getting into.

  2. Excellent information and I will make it a separate post. I have bought directly from Bud's and find that they are about the cheapest around and with free shipping.

  3. I agree with you. The cheapest bids you can buy are 500@$.65 and that means that you lose $75 just to purchace bids. There can only be one winner so a $500 gun that you bid to retail will cost you 1000 bids. That's $650 to you. So, it's not a scam but it can be a rip off.

  4. Lately their website has had connectivity issues. You can easily lose bids and auctions when this happens. They claim it's internet 'lag'. I work for Google and have tools to see whether there's any 'lag' and there's not. Sarah is the support person I have contacted on email, and she says management is unwilling to refund bids when this happens. I'd steer clear of Bidgunner since they seem unwilling to admit there's a problem - all you will do is lose $$$ while this site flounders.