Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starting a U-Boat motor


  1. Random thoughts:

    Starting a U-boat Engine-a skill not in high demand I assume, as most U-boat engines are at the bottom of the ocean.

    -Leave it to the krauts to make starting an engine an over-engineered and complex affair.

    -Just put the key in the switch, turn it to the right two notches, and turn the starter until she fires...silly fritz.

    -not exactly high-revving, is it?

    -they lost the valve cover on that thing. Send 'em all to the Russian front.

  2. Cool. Going to send it to neighbor /fellow boater who was an engineering officer in the Navy during Nam.

    Zoomie is right, probably not a skill in high demand.


  3. Not too awfully bad considering that most of the upgrades to our boats after the war were taken directly from the engineering used in U-boats. Much like our rocket program taken from Von Braun and his cronies, sonar systems, radar systems, air and hydraulics, weapons and fire control, etc, were back engineered and incorporated into our future designs.

    Oh, by the way, the valve covers were intentionally left off for lubrication purposes.

    A former bubblehead.