Friday, July 23, 2021

GRNC Alert: ATF is Ready to Drop the Hammer


Anti-civil rights Attorney General Merrick Garland and the ATF have issued a “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” which would effectively rewrite the 1968 Gun Control Act by adding new definitions and usurping the legislative power of Congress.

One part of the proposal would redefine 80% kits for frames and receivers. Instead of these kits being unregulated, they would instantly be considered complete functioning firearms.  This would mean that companies manufacturing them would need ATF manufacturing licenses, 80% lowers would need serial numbers, and they could only be sold by Federal Firearm Licensees using a Form 4473.

Translated, a box of parts would be considered a gun. A new category of gunsmith would be created, the “gunsmith-dealer,” which would imprint numbers on existing ghost guns and record the serial number in their bound book for inspection by the ATF at will.

A new category of firearm, “Privately Made Firearm,” would be created. The ATF would be able to arbitrarily decide what a “firearm” is.

Millions of AR-15 upper receivers would now be regulated as “firearms,” requiring serial numbers and exactly the same requirements as a full gun.  This would create a nightmare for millions of AR-15 owners, particularly if they want to swap upper receivers on their guns.

The ATF wants to be the sole arbitrator in what the laws really mean, opening a quagmire of indefinite determination of the law. On this dangerous ground, selective enforcement could close untold numbers of firearm businesses and make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

Stop this unconstitutional over-reach by a federal bureaucracy: the comment period is open until August 19th.  Please send the message provided below ASAP to the link provided.
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  1. This is the nightmare system that we have in Canada.


    1. Thanks and did you leave here and go to Canada in 1981?

  2. And you can thank all the ass hats running their mouths online about selling their 80% lowers to folks and the ATF not doing anything about it. For years idiots have been shoving these 80% lowers in the ATF's face. Now they reap it. And so does everyone else. Can't wait to see what they do to the losers trying to print these fake vax cards to the sheep. I'm guessing it will be worse than gun crimes because you messed with science.

    Hope your doing well Brock. I told you not to get that vax my man. I've thought about you since that time. Prayers to you and yours.

    1. 80% lowers

      I have one staring at me on the wall. :)
      Hope your doing well Brock. I told you not to get that vax my man. I've thought about you since that time.

      I appreciate it Sir but as I stated before, I didn't think I'd ever get back to Indo-China unless I did and @77 I'll take whatever, come what may.

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