Friday, July 19, 2019

Recipe – Simple Gourmet: Spiced Braised Marmot (Groundhog) (Or Other Small Game)


In the West, squirrel is not what’s for dinner. We don’t have large deciduous forests with fat grey or fox squirrels running around. There are plenty of fox squirrels in city parks and neighborhoods, but hunting them is not worth the hassle of dealing with upset neighbors. We now have a season on red squirrels in Idaho, but they are so small that it hardly seems worth the effort. The point is, squirrel recipes are not very common out here.

While at a conference in Florida the other day, I was intrigued when my server at the restaurant told me about all the tasty meals her grandmother used to make and that her favorite was squirrel. I was delighted when she promised to share the recipe with me, and I’m sharing an updated version with you.

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