Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Afghan police commando's story – video

 On 16 April 2012 the Taliban launched their most ambitious ever attack on Kabul, targeting parliament and the diplomatic enclave. The assault caught the city by surprise, but so did the response of Afghanistan's security forces, who for perhaps the first time ever were fully in charge of the fight against the insurgents.

When multi-media project Kabul: A City At Work got exclusive access to police commando Hamidullah – captured on camera in his bloodied combat fatigues – he became the face of Afghan heroism. This is his story …

More @ The Guardian



  1. Brock:

    That was an excellent video!

    I wanted to post it on my own web site, but - - - ?

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    Well, I'll just have to keep on experimenting until I find a method that works.

    But, for now, I ain't gonna bother with posting this video, even though it's really grrrrr-REAT!!!

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
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  2. Blogger no longer supports the Mozilla Firefox browser


    Something else is wrong John, because I use Firefox. Now, I'm running Watefox which is supposed to be better than regular Firefox.

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  4. Blogger says they no longer support Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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  5. Well, what has recently changed is Blogger has switched over to a "new version of Blogger", which I haven't quite figured out.

    I wish they'd left well enough alone.

  6. Lord knows, I do. Why in the hell do they have to change something that's working? Oh, they must be with the government......