Sunday, March 10, 2013

NC: Remove Obstructions To Concealed Handgun Permits


Over the past two years, many of you have told GRNC that some sheriffs are obstructing concealed handgun permits by either delaying issuance or asking for intrusive personal medical information. Others are imposing extra requirements such as photos, character affidavits and fees for redundant criminal background checks.

1. GRNC has listened. Thanks to Representative Jonathan Jordan (R-Ashe, Watauga, GRNC ****), this week will see introduction of the "Handgun Permit Modernization Act," which will:
  • Remove redundant mental health checks: Our CHP law predates the computerized National Instant Background Check System, which for several years has included mental health data. Yet NC CHPs continue to be delayed as sheriffs send forms to local mental health facilities. Worse, some sheriffs have begun requiring physicians to "certify" the mental health of applicants.
  • Stipulate that no additional information or fees may be required: Among the abuses we have seen, sheriffs have had applicants line up with sex offenders for mug shots, while others have required additional background checks (and fees), notarized character affidavits, and even contact information for employers.
  • Limit permit application processing to 45 days: At present, sheriffs are delaying permits for several weeks due to mental health check delays from local facilities.

  • Immediate Action

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