Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NC: No Menu? At The Beefmastor Inn, That’s No Problem.

Via Cousin John

It’s a Friday night in Wilson, and Cliff Watson walks into The Beefmastor Inn with a drink in his hand. There are only 10 tables in the restaurant, and all of them are full.

Watson announces his party of four and is told there will be at least a 30-minute wait. He looks delighted and chirps, “Sounds great!”

“You bring a group, you put your name in, and then you tailgate while you wait,” Watson says matter-of-factly. He’s a veteran of this routine, having eaten at The Beefmastor through a series of owners — the current owner is Chad Ellis, who started as a waiter before purchasing the restaurant in 2007. Watson once tailgated at The Beefmastor for four hours on New Year’s Eve. He admittedly doesn’t remember much about the actual meal once he made it inside.

Watson takes a sip of his drink, exchanges hellos with Patrick Mitchell, who Ellis describes as his right-hand man at the restaurant, and heads back to the asphalt parking lot. Soon, Watson will be leaning up against his car, drink in hand, at least a half-hour away from getting a table, and it seems like he’s … pleased?

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