Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Voting Parameters

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This letter to the editor of the Times News in Hendersonville NC by Dick Kranker was published on October 29. 

With the upcoming mid-term elections and, in fact all elections, as a patriotic American, I urge everyone to please keep the following in mind:

IF:  You like mob rule, vote Democrat; Like uncivil society? Vote Democrat; Excessive regulation of commerce? Vote Democrat; Being judged by your color, gender, ethnicity? Vote Democrat; Anti-religion? Vote Democrat; High taxes to support Socialism? Vote Democrat; High crime? (9 of 10 highest crime cities are Democrat run) Vote Democrat; Open borders? Vote Democrat; The presumption of guilt rather than innocence?  Vote Democrat; You approve of elected officials urging supporters to “get in the face” of political opponents? Vote Democrat; Open displays of disrespect for the flag and the National Anthem? Vote Democrat; Oppose the Second Amendment? Vote Democrat; Want big states to control small states and oppose the Constitutionally mandated Electoral College; Vote Democrat.

But, if you abhor the degradation of traditional American values; Still believe in American  Exceptionalism  and particularly do not approve of any of the forgoing reasons for voting Democrat, by all means vote for those you think still support constitutionally conservative views and live up to their oath to protect and preserve our Constitution. Generally, these will be Republicans.

-Dick Kranker

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