Monday, October 29, 2018

Roy's Border Defense Solution

 Via Roy


  1. That's cool and that will work. Never heard of this aircraft.
    Someone suggested for the military to go into Mexico and
    await the mob of invaders. But then what. Puff the Magic
    Dragon sounds like a plan.

    1. Used big time in Vietnam.

      ‘Spooky’ Gunship Operations in the Vietnam War
      We lived in regular hooch's, but Headquarters was air conditioned with real flush toilets. Quite nice. Sometimes when the VC got too close, we could go to the bathroom windows and watch fighters make runs on the nearby hillside while we had "theater seating" in air conditioned comfort! The best, though, was when you were able to see "Puff, The Magic Dragon" (AC-130's) spewing out their rounds at night. It was really beautiful.

    2. I remember them well, particularly at night when the the tracer stream was a solid red bar.

  2. Works for me and it is far cheaper then a whole Corps or even a Division on station...