Monday, September 16, 2019

Finally, after 17 Weeks

 25 weeks above which is their 'awkward age' all ears and legs. :)

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Above: 8 weeks and ears up! 

Jesse his grandfather was wild caught and a Grand Champion


  1. You will have no better buddy!
    Very handsome fella; and his granddad was too.
    Great to see these dogs getting attention and care.

  2. Marvelous and finally. I hope he had a good trip. He seems a
    bit cautious which is to be expected. Keep us updated on his
    adventures and personality. Thank you.

    1. Yes the breed is described as shy/cautious and I'm sure they have to be careful in the wild since they are not a fighting breed and have to kill in a pack. They pull in their stomachs when they eat since this allows them to eat faster because something bigger may come along to eat their kill.