Sunday, July 12, 2015

A grid down situation

I was out for a two day training session right before the 4th. Over the 4th weekend my lower right leg started to bother me and it appeared bruised. I passed it off thinking I must have just banged it and not realized it at the time. A day or so later the swelling was increasing, the immediate area was very hot to the touch and the pain had spread up my inner thigh into my hip so I went to see my doctor. He wanted to rule out a blood clot and any physical damage so I had a sonogram and a couple x rays. They all turned out perfectly normal and in fact he said they my joints were in the condition of someone 0 years or more younger than I am.

He said he immediately suspected a spider bite but had to rule out a blood clot or a physical issue before treating me. He put me on a 10 day massive dose of a strong antibiotic to fight the infection and I have to go back for a check up mid next week.

This reminded me of a couple of things. First that I hate damn spiders as much as I hate snakes. Second it reminded me to double check our medical supplies including antibiotics and to speak to others in my group to make sure we go back over our medical planning. A damn spider bite could be incapacitating in a grid down situation if you aren't ready to deal with it.


Via David

Seven Bark (wild hydrangea) - Cure for Brown Recluse Bites



  1. Be grateful it wasn't a recluse (brown).

    1. I saw a picture of a leg after 10 days and it was bad.

    2. Yes, they can get real bad. We have 'em here. Need to be mindful of the little buggers. Especially around sheds and other out buildings.