Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin leaves at least 7 dead, including gunman

Police say at least seven people, including a gunman, were killed in a shooting at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee Sunday.

Police were called to respond to the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the suburb of Oak Creek on Sunday morning, when witnesses said several dozen people were gathering for a service.

Sunny Singh, 21, of Milwaukee, said a friend pulled into the temple's parking lot, heard shots and saw two people fall down. The friend then saw the shooter reload his weapons and head to the temple's entrance, Singh said.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said the shooting suspect ambushed and opened fire on an 20-year veteran officer who was attending to a victim at the scene. Another officer then shot and killed the suspect.

Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt said the officer who was ambushed was shot multiple times and he is being treated in surgery, but is expected to recover.

Wentlandt said four people were found dead inside the temple, while three, including the suspected shooter, were found dead outside. Tactical units went through the temple, and authorities do not believe a second shooter was involved, Wentlandt said. All people have been cleared out of the temple.

Wentlandt described the scene as chaotic and fluid and urged the media not to broadcast photos or video showing tactical units, which could put officers in danger. Police responded to the shooting with a dozen ambulances and are treating it as a domestic terrorism incident.

Three other shooting victims, all men, were taken in critical condition to Froederdt Hospital in Milwaukee, the main trauma center for the area, Chief Medical Officer Lee Biblo said. He added that they were all being treated for bullet wounds: one to the chest, one to the extremities and the face and one to the neck.

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  1. CNN reports the suspect is/was a bald white guy, with t shirt and tattoo of 9/11 on his arm. Based on that information it is being called a hate crime. He was only armed with ONE semi automatic pistol....and waiting on the anti gun rhetoric to begin any time...

  2. He was only armed with ONE semi automatic pistol....and waiting on the anti gun rhetoric to begin any time...

    Too bad for them it wasn't an "assault rifle!":) Now their spin will have to be most creative..........

  3. Mistaken identity? Sikhs for muzzies?

  4. I thought Sikh tradition held the men are always armed? Guess that's just cutlery.


  5. Really. If each had some cutlery, it would have been over sooner, come to think of it.:)

  6. Armedlaughing: It IS an article of their faith that they ALWAYS have a "kirpan" on them - the little "dagger" - but in many cases it's reduced to a plastic pin image thereof or the like in order to appease political-correctness...

    I've got to say, honestly, that if any real man ever looks into their faith, he'll HAVE to respect them!

    They're monotheistic, and believe that every man is meant to be a WARRIOR, always equipped and prepared to protect the innocent -- hence the strict requirement that they ALWAYS carry a Kirpan!

    They also eschew cutting hair or beard which - though most of us will think it strange - also has a kind of logic in their beliefs... They note that it WILL stop growing at a certain length which varies from person to person - true, if you've ever tried! They simply believe it's up to G*d and not THEM to determine how long their hair is supposed to be! There are other beliefs tied up in there too, but that's the gist of it...

    Bottom line: They worship one G*d, believe in putting him ahead of their own wishes, and demand that every man be made a WARRIOR capable of defending the innocent.

    What's not to LOVE?! -- in fact, I'd have to say most Christians could stand a lesson or three from these "heathen", especially most of our so-called "men"...

  7. That post led me to go refresh my memory...

    They don't call themselves "Warriors" but rather "Saint-Soldier" -- though the distinction is probably small, it is there...

    The other items of faith are their uncut hair, the turban, a comb, and a steel bracelet - it is these 5 things that a Sikh will never be without.

    It's a VERY interesting religion - and though it might look funny to US, their men are usually TRUE badasses - the sort that don't mind if you think they're funny-looking so long as you keep your behavior within due bounds... They'll NEVER go looking for trouble, but... Are true warriors if it manages to find THEM!

    Like I said - they're MEN that ours could stand to emulate - I highly recommend reading up on them!