Sunday, August 5, 2012


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  1. Actuall you stupid dog shit eating coward, your GOPs asked for his tax returns. Too complicated dumb fuck? Am I going to fast?

    Romney's own father said candidates should releaase 10 years. And Romney HIMSELF said the public should know -- he just wants dumb fucks like you to think the shit he released is "representitive"

    Too complicated? Going to fast?

    You fucking cowards ran in the Civil War -- hid behind slave built earth works, Davis ran in his own wife's dress, Lee ran like a pussy. And all you fucks run from the truth, 150 years later.

  2. Obama put out his birth certificates after you fucktards had a fucking cow.

    If Romney is not ashamed of how he made his money -- fucking prove it ass wipe. If Romney's 14% tax burden is representitive -- prove it ass wipe.

    you fucktards are big brave men when you are yellling your hate, but you run like cowards when faced with the truth.

    By the way, Davis dressed in his wife's dress and ran like a punk ass, leaving his children behind as shots were fired. Who said so? His wife -- see her letter. yeah, she wrote a letter about it. She reports 3 different female garments he up on, 3 -- 3 --3 different FEMALE garments he put on, not 1 by mistake, 3 on purpose. And she claimed she "pleaded with him" to put them on.

    She probably pleaded with the pussy NOT to put on her dress, to fight like a man, to do what he told others to do -- fight to the death. NOT davis, he would squeeze into his wifes dress and do what he always did best -- run away while urging others to die.

    But Davis, ironically, was less a coward than Lee. Lee left Richmond 8 hours before Davis did, with all his troop, and ordered much of the city burned on his way out. Davis stayed long enough to gather as much gold as he could.

    Who said so? Southern newspaper editor Edward Pollars, who was there. Southern apologist admit it, too, but naturally in fvery different terms. But with Lee and the Army gone -- Davis could not fight off the Union army with just his groupies, men who sucked on Davis ego. Davis probably would have stayed in Richmond, but in a basement somewhere hiding, if Lee had stayed.

  3. Rush Limbaugh one day last week was talking about a man who has come forward, saying that he attended Harvard with Obama. According to Limbaugh this fellow said that Obama scored about the lowest grade`s possible , and still remain at the institution.Also the man said that Obama frequently cut classes or just did`nt even bother showing up. Professor`s allegedly were constantly covering for his absences and scoring him higher than he deserved. It has been my opinion ever since this character came on the scene , that he is nothing but a leftist media creation reading a script dictated by the like`s of David Rockefeller or the Rothchild`s. In short nothing but a teleprompter reading puppet.

  4. Dont get me wrong, the South had many brave soldiers, who Lee and Davis got killed off for their own ego and status. Sorry suckers-- you go die, we are gonna stay way away from any battle.

    Contrary to the bullshit you have been fed, neither Davis or Lee ever came close to the enemy, until their cowardly surrender. Lee stayed far behind his suckers -- er -- troops. And he could care less how many he got killed of by idiotic efforts. In fact, he thought it was pretty cool. But then he thought torturing girls was cool too, as his slave ledgers prove.

    It was your southern LEADERS -- especially Lee and Davis -- who were cowards.

    1. The yankees had only cowards. Go back and lick the pResidents ass like you know you will.

      You strut like a little banty rooster spewing your bullshit from the script. If he was a NBC he wouldn't need to have all those little incriminating pieces of paper sealed.

      By the way Jim Jones called and said he wants you over for a punch party.

    2. Seeker, maybe you should lay off the kool-aid cause I think you OD. Though I don't think your brain will recover.

      Which revisionist coloring book to you get those "facts" from any way?

    3. the very least, I'm sure there is someone who would love to have you, Seeker, over for a punch, as in fist, party, you raving lunatic. Shoo fly!

      Miss Violet

  5. Notice how the troll skipped right around the topic at hand and went to babbling on some left wing BS.As far as the war between the Union and The Confederacy it wasnt about where you were from it was about principles,Either an all powerful Federal goverment or do people have the right to govern themselves.Dont forget the side that won gets to write the history books.

  6. Trolls, got to love them, they're fun to kick around when there's nothing else to do.

  7. He was so misinformed that all I could come up with at the time was......... moron.:)

    She reports 3 different female garments he up on, 3 -- 3 --3 different FEMALE garments he put on, not 1 by mistake, 3 on purpose.

    Actually, she just threw her overcoat on his shoulders as he went out to relieve himself.

    But Davis, ironically, was less a coward than Lee. Lee left Richmond 8 hours before Davis did, with all his troop, and ordered much of the city burned on his way out.

    That's good except Lee wasn't in Richmond, he was in Petersburg where he and his army had been for 9 months fighting Grant. He sent a messenger to the Episcopal church to inform Davis that he must evacuate Richmond.

    Facts are uncomfortable to liberals and other braindead people.:)

  8. Wow.

    An example of tolerance and intelligence? LOL.

  9. An example of tolerance and intelligence?

    None finer found..........:)

  10. Seeker has to be a whitetrash liberal or welfare black with that ungodly foul mouth, acting like a barn raised heathen. Then they get mad when we pointout the fact they are the ones who are uncivilized heathen unworthy of citizenship in " our " Constitutional Republic. P.S. If he wants to say those things to my face I`ll be delighted to make him dance & sing, " G`wine jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton ! "

  11. "An example of tolerance and intelligence?" ~ Mr. Townsend

    All of the above, via a government school education.

  12. a government school education.

    Indeed. My fifth daughter Dixie, homeschooled, just took the local college's entrance exam two years early, as she just finished the 10th grade and received a 99 in writing and a 94 in English. Now, I'm not sure if that means she's smart or the tests are dumbed down.

  13. Having just escaped from L'Etoille (Rouge) Du Nord, I will attest the college tests are dumbed down. What used to pass as a high school or possibly junior high standard is the new norm for higher education entrance. That is what I observed as a volunteer in the largest school system in that state. Some of the teachers I had the displeasure of dealing with are living proof. It also coincides with the Obamunist diktat that everyone deserves a college education, qualifications not withstanding. The Minnesota Model is now being implemented in other states, starting with their large urban districts, including sadly, my lovely fly-over home state. Just one more devolvement brought to our nation by the Statist.

    ps~Your lovely daughter is so fortunate; she has natural intelligence, ability, and you for a parent.