Monday, November 11, 2019

A Veteran's Day re-post from 2010 SFC Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver with Info from Wirecutter

The Untold True Story of "Mad Dog" Shriver
"No one else could engage the machinegun that trapped Shriver's men -- it was up to Mad Dog. Skittish Yards looked to Shriver and his half-grin restored a sense of confidence. Then they were on their feet, charging -- Shriver was his old self, running to the sound of guns, a True Believer Yard on either side, all of them dashing through the flying bullets, into the treeline, into the very guts of Mad Dog's great nemesis, COSVN. And Mad Dog Shriver was never seen again."

'A most unforgettable character

Ultimately he received 26 decorations including 2 Silver Stars, the Soldiers Medal, 7 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, Air Medal, and 3 Army Commendation Medals for Valor. While listed as MIA he was promoted to E-8.

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  1. The ultimate soldier. One of my favorites. Certainly should
    have had a MAO awarded to him.

    1. Thank you. I knew after I unplugged the computer, I screwed
      up MOH.

    2. I made one today also, but it's the first for both of us if I remember correctly.....! :)