Monday, November 11, 2019

Goodbye Old Dominion State. It is safe to say there is no voting ourselves out of this mess.


The state that has produced so many wonderful patriots and military leaders who have contributed so much to this nation has just flushed themselves down the toilet by electing morally corrupt career politicians  who will transform Virginia into an east coast Kalifornia. It reminds me of the decline of the Roman Empire. Historians and scholars may ask how did a nation as powerful and wealthy as Rome fail. I think it can be said that Rome was lost when it stopped being Roman. The empire had taken in so many different cultures, peoples, etc. whose allegiances were not to Rome but to their former governments, customs, ways, gods, etc. who were conquered by Rome. The Roman .gov simply did not have the resources to hold "it" all together


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  1. oh we're done, our goose is cooked this time. Northam's bunch are going for the gold in January. i don't know whether to move to Tennessee and live a few more years or prepare for battle knowing full well it is futile. i don't fear death, i do fear prison.

    Just happening. I understand there are snipers pointed at the
    family's property.

    1. Thanks.