Friday, May 30, 2014

Claymore Wall Plaque: Suggestions Requested

Ok here is the prototype. Inlays not cut in yet and no engraving which means a blank piece of paper.

I thought "point towards tyranny" with the I I I inlaid flush with curved surface.

If this interests You or have ideas  of what to engrave please email to or comment.


  1. After the first post concerning "Honoring the 2nd" that was posted I contacted Bill and after an enlightening exchange concerning wood types offered and variations on inlay I ordered two of those plaques from him both to be personalized on the back side of the plaque. One for my wife to display at home and the second for my office. I can only say this Bill Horvat is a true gentleman who seems to love his craft and is turning a hobby into a business and I wish him the great success. His concern and customer service is second to none. We have exchanged multiple emails during his creation process and he has emailed me pictures of the items as they progress. I have not yet received the finished products but I am sure in the finished state will far surpass the pictures he has sent me. I will do business with Bill again and highly recommend him to anyone interested in custom wood products. I am thinking of ways he can produce customer give away items to help advertise my own business. Once you have done business with Bill I am sure will agree with me. Another fine example of how a IIIper can provide an excellent service to the community at large so please support him.

    This is an unsolicited endorsement but having been in manufacturing and customer service related to manufacturing for almost 34 years I am thrilled to still find people who provide both an excellent product and customer service second to none.

  2. One thing's for certain - paint it realistically and put it on your front porch - it'll slow a Stack down. ;)

    1. You go it. :) Hey, did y'all leave two pet mice here? If so, they're dead as Gladys found them in the toilet. :)