Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wow! Rare sale of 200 WWII-era military vehicles offers tanks for the memories

Via Jeffery

Littlefield Military Auction

Jacques Mequet Littlefied did not live an exceptionally long life, dying of cancer in 2009 at age 59. But the independently wealthy San Francisco Bay Area collector did live a wonderfully eclectic life, amassing over some four decades one of the world’s biggest collections of rolling armor. Yup, tanks. And a few other related things, including SCUD missiles, amphibious personnel carriers and anti-tank guns.

It is safe to say that not outside of an actual war is one likely to find anything quite like The Littlefield Collection, 280 largely restored relics from a range of armed conflicts. While 80 of Littlefield’s prized items are destined for The Collings Foundation in Stow, Mass., a museum dedicated to the preservation of such fare, 200 lots go under Auctions America’s hammer July 11-12 at Littlefield’s former home-cum-museum in Portola Valley, Calif., just south of San Francisco.
After all, moving an M1 tank anywhere was out of the question.

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  1. How could you pass up the chance to have your very own SCUD missile? Every home should have one.

  2. The only problem I see with this Auction is ; The prices. They seem to think that most of this deactivated "armor" is worth between 100% to 1000% more than the current re-sale market for WW-2 armor. The Tank in the photo above is a Korean war era M-4 "easy 8" NOT a Sherman "jumbo" and will fetch at BEST 175000$ NOT millions. The PzKw Mk4 ( Nazi export variant) is an incomplete hulk that need hundreds of thousands of dollars in work to make a good static display ,and not worth 10 cents on the dollar of the "ask price". I see a crap ton of greed in this one. Unless the "armor comes with working main guns and ammo, this is as overpriced as anything I have seen in 40 years collecting---Ray

    1. Thanks for the info and what do you have?

    2. After two go rounds with cancer--- not much. I managed to hang on to some of my collector rifles and some .45's but the only other "stuff" I have left is field gear. Cancer treatment is expensive---Ray

    3. I've had it twice. Where was yours?

    4. Head and neck . Fast growing and highly invasive. I got blessed with an aggressive radio-therapy team who said; "we are gonna' nuke you till we can use you teeth for a flashlight" It worked. 4 years cancer free last week.---Ray

  3. How cool would it be to have an armored vehicle or two to run around in the back forty.