Thursday, May 29, 2014

El-Sisi Wins Egyptian Election – Muslim Brotherhood Renounced

Via Susan

There is a profound Irony at play. President Obama, and Hillary Clinton supported the hardline Islamist element within the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi who have now been dispatched in favor of a secular governance provided by El-Sisi. Meanwhile, next door in Libya, the U.S. administration and State Dept. are telling all Americans to evacuate the country as the U.S. supported government is under attack.


  1. Who will be our El-Sisi ???

    1. There are few who wish to even be in the running at the present time, I believe.

  2. I can only imagine what they know and we don't (

  3. The Kenyan is (has been) so far over his head it is sad. Killer (Clinton) is just as bad. Both have set us on a dangerous path.