Thursday, May 29, 2014

White Kids Died. We Oughta Pass A Law

White people—especially young whites from upper middle class or wealthy families in urban or suburban settings—are worth more than brown people, yellow people, and red people of any age, anywhere.

We know this because of how the mainstream media responds to different reports of violence.
Tamara Keel is dead-on accurate:
So there’s a “mass* shooting” that would have been a page three wet firecracker in Compton, but do it to some cracker kids from the ‘burbs serving their four years at the Special Snowflake Warehouse & Indoc Center and the nation just loses its collective $#!+.
 Apparently busting caps in three people’s asses is a lot bigger deal if you do it out the window of an ’08 Bimmer instead of a ’94 Caprice.
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  1. The fact that this kid wasn't white should have no bearing on the current meme. The fact that he was a total psyco, his parents PAID for his weapons, transport , medical , and did everything possible to facilitate his bad behavior should be discounted in order to advance a political agenda. Anybody starting to see a trend? Rich nut jobs being used to facilitate an agenda. Kinda amazing how they all become "white" when they think it might make confiscation a reality--Ray

    1. Brought to the height of absurdity in the Trayvon case.

      Just checked Wiki

      George Michael Zimmerman
      Ethnicity Hispanic