Thursday, May 29, 2014

Updated 5/29/14, 12:02AM ET: SB Police dispatch audio indicates “two suspects in custody with gunshot wounds.”

Via Susan
Frequently initial eyewitness accounts of violent crime scenes prove especially helpful for independent researchers to piece together what actually may have transpired. For example, in the aftermath of the major political assassinations of the late 1960s, the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, or more recent mass shootings, subsequent official accounts of potential culprits can vary significantly from those of first-hand witnesses. 

This may also be the case concerning the tragic May 23 shooting in Isla Vista, California. In this event numerous witnesses claim two men were inside the black BMW and proceeded to carry out a number of “drive by” shootings. Note, however, that this is not what has been imbued in to the popular memory over the past few days. The two pairs of local press reports below suggest differing accounts before and after the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s 2:30AM press conference on May 24, where Sheriff Bill Brown confirmed a sole suspect, Elliot Rodger, and pointed to his YouTube video rant as sufficient evidence to indict him in the court of public opinion. 

On May 27 MHB contacted the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office to request an incident report. The SBS asserts that the agency only provides such reports to those directly impacted by the crime, and that in this case even direct involvement may not be sufficient cause for release of the report.-JFT


  1. MANY experiments conducted by MANY researchers have PROVEN that eyewitness reports and testimony is virtually worthless. People see what their biases want them to see. They ignore or forget obviously us details that don't fit thei inner narrative. In controlled experiments they even get gender and race incorrect. ANYTHING based on eyewitness reports is suspect under the BEST of circumstances and NEVER to be relied upon as anything other than a subjective opinion.

  2. Posted, strange how this "KEEPS" happening, almost every time now.........